Urban Youth Bike Corps (UYBC)

Urban Youth Bike Corps (UYBC)

Who We Are

The Urban Youth Bike Corps is a non-profit youth program designed specifically to use the sport of cycling as a vehicle to support injury prevention and to enrich the lives of Harlem's youth. Our program is offered year-around, four days a week and weekends.

What We Do

The UYBC has opened a full service bike shop which serves as our headquarters and primary training center. This facility allows the UYBC to provide our members with firsthand experience in bike mechanics, retail merchandising, bicycle renting and touring. In addition to the bike shop, we retain a space at the St. Mark's United Methodist Church, (we are not church affiliated), located in the heart of Harlem, which serves as our winter training facility and clubhouse. While school is in session, our members are encouraged to join us after school for indoor training and academic tutoring.

How You May Help

To date, we are a totally grant funded program. You may contribute to our program's growth in the following ways:

How Do I Get Involved

If you have any questions about the program, please call Landon H. Wickham, Erik Cliette, or Benjamin Anagnos at (212) 939-4005. If we are not available, please leave a message with your name, number and address.
Urban Youth Bike Corps
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