Anthony Kim

I am a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the Decision, Risk, and Operations (DRO) Division of Columbia Business School. My research interests include revenue management, mechanism design, algorithmic game theory and online algorithms/learning.

I finished my PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University under the supervision of Prof. Amin Saberi in the Management Science and Engineering Department. Previously, I have worked as a full-time software developer at Oracle Corporation and as an intern at Quora, Technicolor Research Labs and Google (twice).

I am on the job market this year (2019-2020).
Job Market Paper: On the Futility of Dynamics in Robust Mechanism Design (with an electronic companion)
I presented at the 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting:
  • Sunday, October 20, 11:00AM. Skagit 3. Session SB54. Budget Management Strategies in Repeated Auctions.
  • Tuesday, October 22, 10:30AM. Skagit 2. Session TB53. On the Futility of Dynamics in Robust Mechanism Design.

  • Please find my CV HERE.

    Email: aek2185 [at] columbia (dot) edu
    Office: Uris Hall


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    Teaching (at Stanford University)