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[on leave 2012­–13]

History W1061 – Introduction to the Early Middle Ages, 250-1050 (Fall 2011)
History W3060 – Laws of War in the Middle Ages [lecture] (Spring 2011)
History W3803 – Power, Law, and Written Records in Medieval Europe (last offered Fall 1997)
History W4060 – Laws of War in the Middle Ages [seminar] (last offered Spring 2008)

History W4061 – Medieval Social and Political Thought (last offered Spring 2012)

History G8061 [formerly G8225 / G8122] -- Topics in Premodern European History (Fall 2010)
History G8063 – Captivity [with Prof. Haefeli] (last offered Fall 2007)
History G8100 – The Medieval Mediterranean (last offered Spring 2006)
History G8910 – Introduction to History and Historiography (last offered Spring 2012)
History G9067 – Seminar in Medieval Societies and Institutions: Studies in Medieval Records (last offered Fall 2009)

Contemporary Civilization C1101x – Introduction to Contemporary Civilization in the West I (last offered Fall 2010)
Contemporary Civilization C1102y – Introduction to Contemporary Civilization in the West II (last offered Spring 2010)



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Regesta Imperii
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dMGH (Digital Monumenta Germaniae Historica)
cartulR: Répertoire des cartulaires médiévaux et modernes (TELMA)
Arnaldi et al., Latinitatis italicae medii aevi...lexicon imperfectum
Cappelli, Dizionario di abbreviature latini ed italiani (1912) (Moscow State University)
Early English Laws
Regnum Francoum Online
Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations (Harvard)
Medieval Canon Law Virtual Library (Colby)
Projet Volterra II: Law and the End of Empire

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