Andrew Kosenko

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Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, Accounting, and Finance at the School of Management at Marist College.

My research interests are in microeconomic theory - information economics (strategic communication and information design), and the implications of memory imperfections for strategic behavior. Aside from that I am interested in repeated games, experimental economics, and the neuroscience of learning and memory.

Curriculum vitae



  • Fall 2020 - ECON 103L: Principles of Microeconomics, and ECON 492L: Game Theory, at Marist.

  • Spring 2020 - ECON 104L: Principles of Macroeconomics, and ECON 492L: Game Theory, at Marist.

  • Fall 2019 - ECON 103L: Principles of Microeconomics at Marist.

  • Spring 2019 - ECON 1200: Game Theory at Pitt, and BMKT 2032: Applied Behavioral Economics at Pitt’s Katz Graduate School of Business.

  • Summer 2018 - ECON 2001: Intro to Math Methods ("math camp" for econ PhD students) at Pitt.