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911 Jerome Greene Hall, 212-854-0066,

Fall 2009 office hours: Mondays, 2-4 pm, and by appointment.

Faculty assistant: Tricia Philip, 212-854-5633,, 700/7 Jerome Greene Hall.



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Earlier papers are available on my author's page at SSRN.

Other student information:

Supervised Research:  I am available to supervise writing projects undertaken to satisfy the JD Major or Minor Writing Requirements, the LL.M. Writing Requirement, or for Supervised Research credit.

In order to earn Major Writing or Supervised Research credit under my supervision, you must submit:

In order to earn Minor Writing credit or to complete an LL.M. Writing Requirement under my supervision, you must submit:

At each of these stages, we will meet and consult on the work needed to proceed to the next stage. I am also available to consult with you on the preparation of an initial proposal, but will not supply you with suggested topics. In my view, identifying and developing an appropriate topic is a critical part of satisfying the writing requirement.

If students submit more proposals than I can reasonably accommodate in a single semester, I will give priority to students who are pursuing projects in association with their regular course or seminar work with me, and will give priority to major writing projects over minor writing projects, and minor writing projects over independent research projects.

Students who plan to earn academic credit in association with a writing project must register with Academic Services for one of the following: L6675 (Major Writing Credit), L6672 (Minor Writing Credit), L6691 (Research for the LL.M. Degree), or L6683 (Supervised Research). For further details, you may consult the Academic Services webpage, at

Recommendation letters:  If you are a former or current student seeking a professional reference or letter of recommendation, I am generally happy to comply, but we should first talk on the phone or in person to catch up on what you have been doing and to discuss your specific interests in pursuing a position.   Just send me an e-mail indicating the most convenient times for you to talk [and your phone number if you are out of town or an in-person meeting is inconvenient],  and we'll pick a time.

To assist me in providing you with an effective and helpful reference, I also need you to send the following items to me via e-mail, combined into a single file attachment:

  1. An up-to-date curriculum vitae or resume

  2. An up-to-date copy of your law school transcript [cut-and-paste from Lawnet is fine];

  3. A list of your other recommenders;

  4. A copy of the cover letter you are sending out with your application, or a brief account of your candidacy with any added information that might be useful to it or that might distinguish you from other candidates.

  5. If you are applying for a judicial clerkship, a list of judges to whom you are applying [limit of 100 -- if you don't get a clerkship the first time around, we can talk about sending out another batch];

Please also give the attached file a name that will help me easily distinguish it from other students' files:  e.g., yourname.recommendationmaterials.doc .

For Fall 2007 clerkship letters, there is a special procedure.  If you are a rising 3L, you are supposed to provide me with your supporting materials by the end of June, and I am supposed to turn in my letter to the Career Services office by the end of July, so that it can be prepared and sent in bulk with all other recommendation letters the day after Labor Day. If you have already graduated from law school, however, this timetable does not apply and you should simply contact me regarding your request for a letter as soon as possible. For further details, please consult the CLS clerkships webpage, or contact Ilene Strauss, Director of Clerkships and Academic Counseling, at 854-3255 or


Last updated: 01 September 2009