BPL in Briarcliff Manor

Alan Crosswell, N2YGK

See my interference blog (last updated December 14, 2004).
interference complaint letter sent to Con Ed 3/31/04
interference complaint letter sent to FCC 3/31/04
Ambient response sent to FCC 4/26/04
My comments to the NPRM filed 5/3/04
Ambient's comments to the NPRM filed 5/5/04
Coned's comments to the NPRM filed 5/5/04
interference complaint letter sent to Riley Hollingsworth 6/11/04 and resent to James Burtle on 6/22/04 as requested.
My reply to Coned's comments 6/28/04
Followup to interference complaint letter of March 31 sent to Con Ed 10/23/04 per request of James Burtle, FCC.
Testimony before Westchester County Board of Legislators Committee on Public Safety and Security 3/5/07.
To see the thousands of NPRM comments, visit the FCC's electronic comments filing system and search for 04-37 or 03-104.

Here's what an Ambient BPL tap looks like. This one's on Dalmeny Rd at the home of a Con Ed employee (who has a company car) as documented in Ambient's reply comments to FCC Notice of Inquiry ET docket 03-104 of April, 2003. The yellow thing is the tap off the medium voltage primary. The white cabinet holds the electronics. QRM on 20 meters is S9+20.

Photo: N2YGK

Photo: N2YGK
The NOI comments also mention a traffic cam. This is probably it as the QRM on 20 meters was S9+20 along this stretch. It's located at the triangle intersection of Pleasantville Road and Chappaqua Road just West of the Route 9A traffic light.

Photo: N2YGK

Here's a copy of the origingal FCC STA for Ambient Corporation with callsign WB9XQT. This STA expired in 2003.
Here's a copy of Ambient's description of their field trial in Briarcliff Manor, which is filed with the FCC here.
Ambient's latest STA with callsign WD2XEQ which expands the experiment to nationwide. Here's a copy of the STA grant (file number 0050-EX-ML-2003) which is good from 9/3/03 thru 8/1/05 and a copy of Ambient's request to expand nationwide.
ARRL article about it
Street Atlas USA map of area attemping to show coverage as documented in STA comments.

Alternate view: Census Tiger map of area showing local hams Click here to have tiger.census.gov generate a new map
Special thanks to Bill Owens, N2RKL