Videonics MXPro Hints and Kinks

I use an MXPro-DV mixer to do live netcasts. It's not good for this but the price was right. I've run into a number of problems and decided to start documenting my workarounds. Here's one of my favorites:

How to make a consistent lower-third wipe

You would think you could set up an effect such as a lower third wipe (effect #3) with the take bar pulled 1/3rd of the way and then save it for later replay but the stupid "learn" feature only memorizes completed effect transitions, not a partial transition that is then backed out of. So, here is my solution:


Use Powerpoint and a Mac with S-video output. Make sure to either set the Mac to overscan the video or use a black PPT background to hide the overscanning. The S-video out of a Mac seems to be better than that out of a PC. My Sony VAIO used to do S-vid out of the port-bar until I upgraded it to XP:-(

I use lower-third wipes with the PPT slides. Maurice has used chroma-key (where the slide is the foreground) but it seemed to me that the chroma always dimmed the background video and didn't look all that clean.