Columbia University

Antonina Mitrofanova Antonina Mitrofanova

I am a Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) Young Investigator
at Columbia University, mentored by Dr Michael Shen
and co-advised by Dr Cory Abate-Shen and Dr Andrea Califano.

Previously I was a PostDoctoral Computing Innovation Fellow (NSF, CRA, CCC) at Columbia University, hosted by Professor Andrea Califano.

Research interests

My main research interests are in bioinformatics algorithms applied to protein and gene networks, transcriptional networks, cancer regulatory networks, and probabilistic models in biology.

My doctoral dissertation, Efficient and Robust Systems Biology Algorithms for Biological Networks over Mutiple Time-Scales: From Evolutionary to Regulatory Time, introduced a series of novel methods to address the problems commonly faced in noisy and poorly annotated protein and gene networks.

At Columbia, I am working on problems that arise in assembling and mining regulatory networks for prostate cancer and am affiliated with the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and Irving Cancer Research Center.


I received my Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science, Bioinformatics Group, from New York University, NYU,  in September, 2009. I was extremely lucky and privileged to be advised  by Professor Bud Mishra.

I was awarded Janet Fabri Award (for the dissertation determined to be the department's most outstanding) and Henning Biermann Prize (outstanding contributions to education or service to the department) by the Department of Computer Science, NYU.

From 1995 to 1999, I was a medical student at the National Medical University (Kiev, Ukraine), Division of General Medicine.

My academic honors and awards.

Get in touch

I am organizing meetings in Biological Networks at Columbia University. Please send me a note if you wish to attend or to be scheduled for a talk!

Email: antonina at
Email: antonina at

Office: 1130 St. Nicholas Ave. Room 909
New York NY 10032 USA


Refereed Journal Publications
  • Mitrofanova, A.*, Aytes, A.*, Zou, M., Shen, M., Abate-Shen, C., and Califano, A.
    Predicting drug response in human prostate cancer from preclinical analysis of in vivo mouse models.
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    *Equal contributions.
  • Aytes, A.*, Mitrofanova, A.*, Lefebvre, C.*, Alvarez, M. J., Castillo-Martin, M., Zheng, T., Eastham, J. A., Gopalan, A., Pienta, K. J., Shen, M. M., Califano, A., and Abate-Shen, C.
    Cross-species analysis of genome-wide regulatory networks identifies a synergistic interaction between FOXM1 and CENPF that drives prostate cancer malignancy.
    Cancer Cell. Volume 25, Issue 5, p638-651, 12 May 2014.

    *Equal contributions.
  • Aytes, A., Mitrofanova*, A., Kinkade, C.W., Lefebvre, C., Lei, M., Phelan, V., Carl Le, H., Koutcher, J.A., Cardiff, R.D., Califano, A., Shen, M.M., and Abate-Shen, C.
    ETV4 promotes metastasis in response to combined activation of PI3 kinase and RAS signaling in a mouse model of advanced prostate cancer.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 110(37):E3506-1, September 2013.

    * Leading computational author.
  • Wang, Z. A., Mitrofanova*, A., Bergren, S. K., Cardiff, R. D., Abate-Shen, C., Califano, A., and Shen, M. M.
    Lineage analysis of basal epithelial cells reveals their unexpected plasticity and supports a cell of origin model for prostate cancer heterogeneity.
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    PMID: 23434823.

    * Leading computational author.
  • Jingqiang Wang, Takashi Kobayashi, Nicolas Floch, Carolyn Waugh Kinkade, Alvaro Aytes, David Dankort, Celine Lefebvre, Antonina Mitrofanova, Robert D. Cardiff, Martin McMahon, Andrea Califano, Michael M. Shen, and Cory Abate-Shen (2012)
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    PMCID: PMC3445712
  • Nicolas Floch, Carolyn Waugh Kinkade, Takashi Kobayashi, Alvaro Aytes, Celine Lefebvre, Antonina Mitrofanova, Robert D. Cardiff, Andrea Califano, Michael M. Shen, Cory Abate-Shen (2012)
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    PMCID: PMC3432676
  • Antonina Mitrofanova, Vladimir Pavlovic and Bud Mishra
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    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM TCBB, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 775-784, May-June 2011.
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  • Antonina Mitrofanova, Samantha Kleinberg, Jane Carlton, Simon Kasif, and Bud Mishra, Predicting Malaria Interactome Classifications from Time-Course Transcriptomic Data along the Intra-Erythrocytic Developmental Cycle
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    PMID: 20681481
Refereed Conference Publications
  • Antonina Mitrofanova, Martin Farach-Colton, and Bud Mishra
    Efficient and Robust Prediction Algorithms for Protein Complexes using Gomory-Hu Trees, Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2009, PMID: 19209703 , PSB 2009[pdf]
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