Sustainable Energy, Environment & Particle Technology and Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Research

Current Teaching Activities

EAEE E4560: Particle Technology (Fall)

Lect: 3; 3 pts (Professor Park)

Prerequisites: ENME E3161 and MSAE E3111 or the equivalent.

Course Description: Introduction to engineering processes involving particulates and powders. The fundamentals of particle characterization, multiphase flow behavior, particle formation, processing and utilization of particle sin various engineering applications with examples in energy and environmental related technologies. Engineering of functionalized particles and design of multiphase reactors and processing units with emphasis on fluidization technology. Particle technology is an interdisciplinary field. Due to the complexity of particulate systems, particle technology is often treated as art rather than science. In this course, the fundamental principles governing the key aspects of particle science and technology will be introduced, along with various industrial examples.

EAEE E1100y: A Better Planet by Design (Spring)

Lect: 3; 3 pts (Professors Lall and Park) – Enrollment: 202 students (Spring 2009)

Course Description: Development of the infrastructure for providing safe and reliable resources (energy, water, and other materials, transportation services) to support human societies while attaining environmental objectives. Introduction of a typology of problems by context and common frameworks for addressing them through the application of appropriate technology and policy. An interdisciplinary perspectives that focuses on the interaction between human and natural systems is provided. Alternatives for resources provision and forecasts of their potential environmental impacts through a context provided by real world applications and problems.

EAEE E3998x – E3999y: Undergraduate Design Project I & II (Fall & Spring)

Lect: 1; Lab: 2; 2 pts each semester (Professors Lall and Park)

Prerequisites: senior standing. Students must enroll for both E3998x and E3999y during their senior year.

Course Description: Selection of an actual problem in Earth and Environmental Engineering, and design of an engineering solution including technical, economic, environmental, ethical, health and safety, and social issues. Use of software for design, visualization, economic analysis, and report preparation. Students may work in teams. Presentation of results in a formal report and public presentation.

EAEE E6212x: Carbon Sequestration (Spring)

Lect: 3; 3 pts (Professors Lackner and Park)

Prerequisites: EAEE E4900 or the equivalent, or the instructor’s permission.

Course Description: New technologies for capturing carbon dioxide and disposing of it away from the atmosphere. Detailed discussion of the extent of the human modifications to the natural carbon cycle, the motivation and scope of future carbon management strategies, and the role of carbon sequestration. Introduction of several carbon sequestration technologies that allow for the capture and permanent disposal of carbon dioxide. Engineering issues in their implementation, economic impacts, and the environmental issues raised by the various methods.

EAEE E9281x – E9282y: Earth and Environmental Engineering Seminar (Fall & Spring)

Lect: 0, 1 or 1.5 pts (Professor Park)

Course description: All graduate students are required to register for EAEE E9281x and E9282y – Earth and Environmental Engineering Seminar. The department seminar series is designed to host world leaders in Earth and Environmental Engineering research. Throughout the academic year, students will have chance to learn and interact with global prominent scholars invited to give a seminar.


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