Ana-Andreea Stoica

I'm a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Columbia University, working with Prof. Augustin Chaintreau on social networks and algorithmic fairness.

Since Fall 2019 I am co-organizing the Mechanism Design for Social Good initiative with Rediet Abebe, Irene Lo, Wanyi Li and Francisco Marmolejo Cossío.

I am serving as a Program Co-Chair for the inaugural ACM Conference on Equity and Access in Algorithms, Mechanisms, and Optimization (EAAMO'21), together with Rediet Abebe and Irene Lo, taking place online Oct 5-9, 2021.


Office: CEPSR 617, Columbia University
astoica < at > cs < dot > columbia < dot > edu



  • Talk: giving a talk at the GRASP SFI Seminar at the University of Pennsylvania in October, 2021.
  • Talk: giving a talk at the Quantitative Methods Network Group at the University of Melbourne in October, 2021.
  • Talk: selected to participate in the MIT EECS Risings Stars Workshop in October, 2021.
  • Selected to participate at the INFORMS Diversity, Equity, and Inclussion Session in October, 2021.
  • Selected to participate in the 8th Heidelberg Laureate Forum in September, 2021.
  • Conference: registration for EAAMO'21 is now live!
  • Program Committee: invited to serve as a program committee member for TheWebConf'22, AAAI'22, and NeurIPS'21.
  • I'll be an leading instructor for the AI4ALL @ Columbia summer school in Summer 2021.

About me

My work focuses on mathematical models, data analysis, and policy implications for algorithm design in social networks. I am particularly interested in studying the network structure effects on algorithmic bias through a graph theoretical lens.

I'm Romanian and graduated from Princeton in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and certificates in Computing and Applied Mathematics. Outside of academia I love skiing and modern art. See my CV or contact me for more info.

Publications (list)

  • A.-A. Stoica and C. Papadimitriou. Strategic Clustering. Learning in the prsence of strategic behaviour Workshop (StratML @ NeurIPS'21). [pdf]
  • J. Finocchiaro, R. Maio, F. Monachou, G.K. Patro, M. Raghavan, A.-A. Stoica, and S. Tsirtsis. Bridging Machine Learning and Mechanism Design towards Algorithmic Fairness. FaccT 2021. [pdf]
  • A.-A. Stoica, J. X. Han, A. Chaintreau. Seeding Network Influence in Biased Networks and the Benefits of Diversity. The Web Conference, WWW'20. [pdf] [short video] [long video]
  • A.-A. Stoica, A. Chakraborty, P. Dey, K. P. Gummadi. Minimizing Margin of Victory for Fair Political and Educational Districting. AAMAS'20. [pdf] [video]
  • A.-A. Stoica and A. Chaintreau. Fairness in the Social Influence Maximization Problem. 1st Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics and Society on the Web (FATES on the Web, WWW'19). [pdf]
  • A.-A. Stoica and A. Chaintreau. Hegemony in Social Media and the effect of recommendations. 1st Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics and Society on the Web (FATES on the Web, WWW'19). [pdf]
  • A.-A. Stoica, C. Riederer, A. Chaintreau. Algorithmic Glass Ceiling in Social Networks: The effects of social recommendations on network diversity. The Web Conference, WWW'18. [pdf]
  • A. A. Kattis, A. Holiday, A.-A. Stoica, I. G. Kevrekidis, Modeling epidemics on adaptively evolving networks: a data-mining perspective. Virulence 7, no.2 (2016): 153-162. [pdf]