Amir Sagiv

I am a Research Scientist at the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics in Columbia University, working under the mentorship of Michael Weinstein, and where I have been a term Assistant Professor between 2019-2022.

In 2019, I completed my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in Tel Aviv University's School of Mathematical Sciences, under the supervision of Gadi Fibich and Adi Ditkowski. I obtained my M.Sc. in Mathematics at Tel Aviv University, and my B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I am interested in (1) Waves and Partial Differential equations, especially as models of quantum and optical phenomena, (2) Uncertainty quantification and statistical problems in physical systems, and (3) Optimal Transport.

See my CV here.

Starting Fall 2023, I will be an assistant professor at the Technion's mathematics department.

**I am co-organizing a workshop title Mathematical Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics at ETH Zurich on July 17-21. Registration is open! **

500 W 120th Street,
Engineering Terrace 287A (access via Mudd Building)


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    Near invariance of quasi-energy spectrum of Floquet Hamiltonians
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  2. (with Ricardo Baptista, Bamdad Hosseini, Nik Kovachki, and Youssef Marzouk)
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  3. (with Sameh N. Hameedi and Michael I. Weinstein)
    Radiative decay of edge states in Floquet media
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    To appear in SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation.

  4. (with Qiang Du)
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