Bo Cowgill

Assistant Professor
Columbia Business School

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Corporate Prediction Markets: Evidence from Google, Ford, and Firm X

Review of Economic Studies, Volume 82, Issue 4, October 2015, 1309-1341. Abstract in ACM EC'14.
Related regulatory activity: CFTC Request for Comment . Reply from Google/Yahoo. Reply from Microsoft. Replies from others.

Press discussion: New York Times (html), FT Magazine (html), InfoWorld (html). A digestible summary via the Freakonomics blog.

Related popular writing (by me): The McKinsey Quarterly, The New Republic.

Teaching material: Harvard Business School Case 607-088

Earlier version: Using Prediction Markets to Track Information Flows: Evidence from Google. With Eric Zitzewitz.

The Value of Hiring through Employee Referrals

The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 130, Issue 2, May 2015, 805-839.

Press discussion: New York Times once (html), twice (html). With Stephen Burks, Mitchell Hoffman and Michael Housman.

Television Advertising and Online Search

Management Science, Volume 60 Issue 1, January 2014, pp. 56-73.

Winner of the 2015 John D. C. Little Award, given annually to the best marketing-related paper published in Management Science or Marketing Science.

Finalist of the 2015 Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award, given annually to the best marketing paper derived from a Ph.D. thesis published in Management Science or Marketing Science.

With Mingyu Joo, Kenneth C Wilbur and Yi Zhu.

Working Papers

Mood Swings at Work: Stock Price Movements, Effort, and Decision Making

Competition and Productivity in Employee Promotion Contests

Working paper.

Incentive Effects of Equity Compensation: Employee-Level Evidence from Google

The US-Canada Border Effect: Evidence from Online Commerce

Updated 12/16. Previously titled ``The US/Canada Border Effect in Online Commerce.''

Worldwide Gravity in Online Commerce