Baihan Lin

Columbia University · New York, NY 10027 · (206) 915-1164 ·

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Center for Theoretical Neuroscience and Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute in Columbia University, co-advised by Prof. Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and Prof. Ning Qian. I am interested in a variety of stuff ranging from geometric topology and dynamical systems to Bayesian statistics and machine learning, as well as their applications to neuroscience, genomics, and cognitive sciences.

I graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle (UW), in the NIH-funded Computational Neuroscience Training Program with B.S. in Applied & Computational Mathematics and B.A. in Psychology with Honors. I still maintain close collaborations and affliations with Columbia Department of Systems Biology and UW Department of Applied Mathematics.


I am very grateful to have mentors and collaborators with whom I have the honor to work on various interesting problems spanning vision neuroscience, mathematical biology, genome sciences, protein design, artificial intelligence, computational psychiatry and human-computer interaction. I also maintain close industrial collaborations with IBM Research and Microsoft Research.

Research by areas: neuroscience (NS), machine learning (ML), computer vision (CV), geometric topology (GT), systems biology (SB), applied mathematics (AM), human-computer interaction (HCI), Bayesian statistics (BS), translational medicine (TM) .

2017nowIBM Research HQCompNeuro & AI Foundation Groups[7][8][10]NS,ML,CV,GT,TM
20172017Microsoft Research HQEPIC Group[14]NS,CV,HCI
2018nowColumbia University Visual Inference Group, Kriegeskorte Lab [9]NS,ML,CV,GT
2018now NeuroTheory Center, Qian Lab [11]NS,ML,CV,GT,BS
20182018 Dept. of Systems Biol., Rabadan Lab [13]SB,ML,GT
20172017 Dept. of CS, Pe’er Lab [6]SB,ML,TM
20172017University of Washington UbiComp Lab of CSE & EE, Patel Lab HCI,ML,TM
20152017 Institute for Protein Design, Baker Lab [12]SB
20162016 Dept. of Applied Math, Qian Lab AM,SB
20142016 Vision Neuroscience Group, Olavarria Lab [2][15]NS,CV
20142017BIME State Key Lab of Pathogen & Biosecurity [1][3][4][5]SB,AM,TM
20132013BGI Research HQ Personalized Genome Group SB,TM



I am always curious about the world and I like exploring new things. Although New York Manhattan is a much more crowded and monochromatic place than the scenic Seattle Washington with all the natural beauty, I try to maintain my hobbies in skateboarding and longbaording (well, kayaking is obviously not gonna happen here). Beyond my footsteps, I enjoy traveling to different places (so far only 3 continents reached) - I am planning a roadtrip across Northern Europe some time soon.

Despite doing many theoretical research, I like making tangible things: woodworking, DIY, electronics and interior design. A recent woodwork project of mine is a modern sofa (process).

Other than these life bits, I play flute and am currently learning guitar, the Jazz-style, (at least while my neighbors and my cats can still bear it).