Columbia University · New York, NY 10027 · (206) 915-1164 · doerlbh@gmail.com

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Center for Theoretical Neuroscience and Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute in Columbia University, co-advised by Prof. Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and Prof. Ning Qian. I am interested in a variety of stuff ranging from geometric topology and dynamical systems to Bayesian statistics and machine learning, as well as their applications to neuroscience, genomics, and cognitive sciences. Most recently, I am developing neuroscience-inspired AI systems and applying ML to understand human brains (Neuro ↔ AI).

I graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle (UW), as part of the NIH-funded Computational Neuroscience Training Program, with B.S. in Applied & Computational Mathematics and B.A. in Psychology with Honors. I still maintain close collaborations and affliations with Columbia Department of Systems Biology and UW Department of Applied Mathematics.


I am very grateful to have mentors and collaborators with whom I have the honor to work on various interesting problems spanning vision neuroscience, mathematical biology, artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning, genome sciences, protein design, computational psychiatry, and human-computer interaction. I also maintain close industrial collaborations with IBM Research and Microsoft Research.

Research by areas: neuroscience (NS), machine learning (ML), computer vision (CV), geometric topology (GT), systems biology (SB), applied mathematics (AM), human-computer interaction (HCI), Bayesian statistics (BS), translational medicine (TM) .

From Till Institute Team Publications Areas
2017 now IBM Research HQ CompNeuro & AI Foundations Groups [7][8][11][15][18] NS,ML,CV,GT,TM
2017 2017 Microsoft Research HQ EPIC Group [19] NS,CV,HCI
2018 now Columbia University Visual Inference Group, Kriegeskorte Lab [9][14][17] NS,ML,CV,GT
2018 now NeuroTheory Center, Qian Lab [10] NS,ML,CV,GT,BS
2018 2018 Dept. of Systems Biol., Rabadan Lab [13][17] SB,ML,GT
2017 2017 Dept. of CS, Pe’er Lab [6] SB,ML,TM
2017 2017 University of Washington UbiComp Lab of CSE & EE, Patel Lab HCI,ML,TM
2015 2017 Institute for Protein Design, Baker Lab [12] SB
2016 2016 Dept. of Applied Math, Qian Lab AM,SB
2014 2016 Vision Neuroscience Group, Olavarria Lab [2][16] NS,CV
2014 2017 BIME State Key Lab of Pathogen & Biosecurity [1][3][4][5] SB,AM,TM
2013 2013 BGI Research HQ Personalized Genome Group SB,TM


19 total = 10 conferences + 6 journals + 3 under review / arXiv preprints  


  • gonzalez2019enhance
    [19]  Enhanced arm reach after a Pinocchio illusion in Virtual Reality  
    Mar Gonzalez-Franco, Baihan Lin, Christopher Berger, and Jaron Lanier

    under review


  • lin2019reinforce
    [18]  Reinforcement Learning Models of Human Behavior: Reward Processing in Mental Disorders  
    Baihan Lin, Guillermo Cecchi, Djallel Bouneffouf, Jenna Reinen, Irina Rish

    NIPS 2019 Workshop on Biological & Artificial RL (BARL)

    [arXiv]  [ bibTex

  • lin2019what
    [17]  What About Higher-Order Cellular Complexity? An Inquiry with Topological Simplicial Analysis  
    Baihan Lin, Raul Rabadan, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

    NIPS 2019 Workshop on Learning Meaningful Representations of Life (LMRL)

  • andelin2019lack
    [16]  Influence of Ocular Dominance Columns and Patchy Callosal Connections on Binocularity in Lateral Striate Cortex: Long Evans vs. Albino Rats  
    Adrian Andelin, Zane Doyle, Robyn Laing, Joseph Turecek, Baihan Lin, and Jaime Olavarria

    Journal of Comparative Neurology

    [pdf]  [ bibTex

  • lin2019modeling
    [15]   Modeling Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders with Reward Biased Reinforcement Learning Models  
    Baihan Lin.

    TIPS 2019

    [link]  [ bibTex

  • lin2019visualize
    [14]  Visualizing Representational Dynamics with Multidimensional Scaling Alignment  
    Baihan Lin, Marieke Mur, Tim Kietzmann, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

    CCN 2019

    [arXiv]  [ link]  [ bibTex

  • lin2019cliques
    [13]  Cliques of single-cell RNA-seq profiles reveal insights into cell ecology during development and differentiation  
    Baihan Lin

    ISMB 2019

    [slides]  [ poster]  [ link]  [ bibTex

  • chen2019self
    [12]  Self-assembling 2d arrays with de novo protein building blocks  
    Zibo Chen, Matthew Johnson, Jiajun Chen, Matthew Bick, Scott Boyken, Baihan Lin, James DeYoreo, Justin Kollman, David Baker, and Frank DiMaio

    Journal of the American Chemical Society

    [pdf]  [ JACS cover story]  [ bibTex

  • lin2019split
    [11]  Split Q Learning: Reinforcement Learning with Two-Stream Rewards  
    Baihan Lin, Djallel Bouneffouf, Guillermo Cecchi

    IJCAI 2019

    [arXiv]  [ slides]  [ poster]  [ bibTex

  • lin2019neural
    [10]  Neural Networks as Model Selection with Incremental MDL Normalization  
    Baihan Lin

    IJCAI 2019 Workshop on Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence (HBAI)

    [arXiv]  [ slides]  [ poster]  [ code]  [ link]  [ bibTex


  • lin2018adgtic
    [9]  Adaptive Independence Tests with Geo-Topological Transformation  
    Baihan Lin, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte


    [arXiv]  [ bibTex

  • lin2018adaptive
    [8]  Adaptive Representation Selection in Contextual Bandit with Unlabeled History  
    Baihan Lin, Guillermo Cecchi, Djallel Bouneffouf, Irina Rish


    [arXiv]  [ bibTex

  • lin2018contextual
    [7]  Contextual Bandit with Adaptive Feature Extraction  
    Baihan Lin, Guillermo Cecchi, Djallel Bouneffouf, Irina Rish

    IEEE ICDM 2018 Workshop on Data Science and Big Data Analytics (DSBDA)

    [pdf]  [ bibTex


  • bukkittu2017parkinson
    [6]   Parkinson’s disease digital biomarker discovery with optimized transitions and inferred markov emissions  
    Avinash Bukkittu, Baihan Lin, Trung Vu, and Itsik Pe’er

    RECOMB/ISCB 2017 Conference on Regulatory & Systems Genomics

    [arXiv]  [ slides]  [ bibTex

  • teng2017dynamic
    [5]   Dynamic Forecasting of Zika Epidemics Using Google Trends  
    Yue Teng, Dehua Bi, Guigang Xie, Yuan Jin, Yong Huang, Baihan Lin, Xiaoping An, Dan Feng, and Yigang Tong

    PLoS One

    [pdf]  [ bibTex

  • teng2017model
    [4]   Model-informed risk assessment for Zika virus outbreaks in the Asia-Pacific regions  
    Yue Teng, Dehua Bi, Guigang Xie, Yuan Jin, Yong Huang, Baihan Lin, Xiaoping An, Yigang Tong, and Dan Feng

    Journal of Infection

    [pdf]  [ bibTex

  • teng2017integrative
    [3]   An Integrative Analysis Reveals a Central Role of P53 Activation via MDM2 in Zika Virus Infection Induced Cell Death  
    Yue Teng, Shufeng Liu, Xiaocan Guo, Shuxia Liu, Yuan Jin, Tongtong He, Dehua Bi, Pei Zhang, Baihan Lin, Xiaoping An, Dan Feng, Zhiqiang Mi and Yigang Tong

    Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology

    [pdf]  [ bibTex


  • lin2016odc
    [2]   Ocular Dominance Columns in Rat Visual Cortex: a Quantitative Model to Analyze Deprivation-Induced Cortical Plasticity  
    Baihan Lin, Adrian K Andelin, Jaime F Olavarria

    NeuroFutures Conference 2016

    [pdf]  [ link]  [ bibTex]  [ code


  • teng2015systematic
    [1]   Systematic Genome-wide Screening and Prediction of microRNAs in EBOV During the 2014 Ebolavirus Outbreak  
    Yue Teng, Yuzhuo Wang, Xianglilan Zhang, Wenli Liu, Hang Fan, Hongwu Yao, Baihan Lin, Ping Zhu, Wenjun Yuan, Yigang Tong and Wuchun Cao

    Scientific Reports

    [pdf]  [ bibTex


I am always curious about the world and I like exploring new things.  

Although New York is not like Seattle with all the Nature, I try to maintain my hobbies in skateboarding and longbaording (well, kayaking is obviously not gonna happen here easily). Beyond my footsteps, I enjoy traveling to different places (so far only 3 continents reached) - I am planning a roadtrip across Northern Europe some time next year.

Despite doing mostly theoretical research in recent days, I love making tangible things:  

woodworking, DIY, electronics and interior design. A recent woodwork project of mine is a modern sofa (process). As another project under development, I am creating tangible representations of high-dimensional interaction data (more details yet to come).


Other than these life bits, I play flute and am currently learning Jazz and guitar (at least while my neighbors and my cats can still bear it). ;)

More bits of life can be found here