300     Sociology [Social Sciences], general
301             Philosophy, theories [Sociology]
302     Anthropology
303     Prehistoric Archaeology
304     [Social Sciences] Essays
305             Periodicals
306             Societies and transactions
307             Study and teaching
308             Polygraphy
309             History of social science

300-309: The great principle of general before specific is violated here by
poorly executed modifications.  300 and 305-309 are general works on Social
Sciences but 301-304 are new subjects.  One better solution would have been
to reclass DDC 305-309 into 300.5-300.9.

301: The topic of Sociology is poorly differentiated from 300 in cataloging.
There are two important decimal subdivisions: .01 Social Psychology, and .02
Sociology of religion.

302: Anthropology was moved from DDC 572-574 because the study was considered
more social science than physical science.  The special decimal subdivisions

 .01-.06   Standard subdivisions        .7   Anthropogeography
 .1-.6     Physical anthropology        .8   American Indians
                                        .9   Geographical divisions

303: Prehistoric Archaeology was moved from DDC 571, along with Anthropology.

304:  Several special topics are stuck here:

 .1     Comparative and general mythology       .4      Celibacy
 .2     Family                                  .5      Public opinion
 .3     Marriage and divorce                    .6      Social problems
                                                .9      Miscellany 

308: This includes a large collection of pamphlets classed as 308 over Z .
Although the pamphlets each cover specific topics, as a group they are very
general and were placed here simply as Social Science.  Bound volumes 308
over Z to 308 over Z9 were created from 1892 to 1897, and the nine hundred
forty-seven pamphlet boxes called "308 over Z Box" date from 1915 to 1962.
Although author, title andsubject entries were created for the catalog,
strangely there is no shelflist nor any contents list by volume and box.
(There are also bound pamphlets for other call numbers, classed as (call
number) over Z, with Z followed by numbers when there are more than one.)

310     Statistics
311             Theory, methods
312             Population. Vital statistics
313             Special topics
314             Europe
315             Asia
316             Africa
317             North America
318             South America
319             Australia. Pacific. Polar regions

320     Political science
321             Form of state
322             Church and state
323             Internal or domestic relations
324             Suffrage
325             Colonies and immigration
326             Slavery
327     --
328             Legislative bodies and annals
329             Political parties

320:  Special decimal subdivisions:

 .4     Citizenship             .44     Nationality
 .41    Liberalism              .45     Right of association
 .42    War and peace           .46     Liberty

328: Government assemblies.  This call number occupies a great amount of
shelf space because it includes sets of government documents, with many
peculiar special tables.  First lines use the geographic subdivisions (like
940-999 without the first 9).

328.42: England, United Kingdom.  Divided into numerous sets using
Cutter-like second lines.

328.732 over H, and 328.732 over H1 : US Congress, House of Representatives
(H) and Senate (H1).  Both sets then have a third line made up of one or two
letters denoting the committee.  Example: 328.732 over H over Ag, House
Agriculture Committee.  In both sets the third line X1 designates select and
special committees.

328.732 over L : US Congress, Laws.  The volumes are numbered in a difficult
sequence involving Congressional session (2-year periods), House or Senate
and type, and serial numbers of bills (with hundreds of bills per volume).

328.734 over numbers : US Congress "serial set" or "sheep set".  The set's
own serial numbering is used as the second line, making an all-numeric second
line.  An alternate and equally valid interpretation is to say there is no
second line and that the serial number is the volume number.  The serial
numbers include a group that begin with 0 (zero) followed by a whole number
(that is, 010 follows 09) that are meant to file before serial number 1.
There are also some other books in 328.74 over Cutter number, which file
before the serial set.

328.745 - 328.79 : States of US.  State numbers are taken from 974.5-979,
minus the first 9 and the decimal point, e.g. 974.5=Alabama so 745=Alabama in
this context.  The second lines from special table:

 A      Journal of Congress combined            I       Abstracts
 B      Journal of Senate                       K       Documents
 C      Journal of House                        M       Rules
 F      Debates of Congress combined            O       Manuals
 G      Debates of Senate                       R       History of bodies
 H      Debates of House                        T       Elections

328.78 New York State has a different special table for some reason:

 A      History of bodies               C  Senate journal
 A5     Manuals                         C1 Assembly journal
 B      Rules                           C2 Calendar of bills
 B2     Abstracts                       C9 Index to documents
 D - Z  Documents (details omitted here)

In the documents (D to Z), I1a to R1b are of the form capital letter,
number and small letter, but R2 and up are just a capital letter and

330     Political economy [Economics]
331             Capital. Labor and wages
332             Banks. Money
333             Land
334             Cooperation
335             Socialism, communism
336             Finance
337             Protection and free trade
338             Economic conditions. Production. Prices
339             Charities. Institutions. Crime. Vice

330:  Special decimal subdivisions:
 .11    Wealth                  .15     Profit
 .12    Property                .16     Crises
 .13    Income                  .17     Economy, thrift
 .14    Distribution            .18     Progress

340     Law
341             International law
342             Constitutional law
343             Criminal law
344     --
345     --
346     --
347             Private law
348     --
349             Foreign law

340-349: Law has historically been kept in Law Library, one of the earliest
separate libraries (and one of the earliest professional schools at
Columbia), except where a book relates to history and social science.
General Library call numbers 343,347,349 were marked L343,L347, L349.
345-346 DDC are criminal law statutes and 348 DDC is canon law.

350     Administration
351             Central government
352             Local government
353             USA and State government
354             Organization of central government. Foreign states
355             Army. Military science
356             Infantry
357             Cavalry
358             Artillery
359             Navy

352: Documents of local governments are found here.  The scheme does not
make a hierarchy by country and state.  The formula is:
  Cities:       352 + (Cutter for City) over (special table)
  Counties:     352Z + (State number as in 328) over (Cutter for county)

This is the special table for city documents; the letters are followed by
numbers to distinguish items.

 A      Charter                         M       History
 B      Law                             N       Recreation
 C      Mayor's message                 O       Courts
 D      City Documents                  P       Law Dept Reports
 E      Municipal register              Q       Public works
 F      City Record                     R       Street dept
 G      Common Council journal          S       Fire dept
 H      Common Council proceedings      T       Licences
 I      Aldermen journal                U       Public property, funds
 J      Aldermen proceedings            V       Markets
 K      Misc. reform investigations     W       Docks
 L      Register of voters, elections


 352N48 over A          N48=Cutter for New York City, A=charter
 352N48 over F over F   N48=ditto, F=City Record, F=size mark for folio
 352Z771 over Sa2       Z=county + 771=Missouri, Sa2=Cutter for St Louis

360     Associations and institutions
361     --
362     --
363             Political associations
364     --
365     --
366             Secret societies
367             Social clubs
368             Insurance associations
369             Other associations and institutions

370     Education
371             Teachers. Methods. Discipline
372             Elementary education
373             Intermediate, academic, preparatory education
374             Self-education
375             Curriculum
376             Education of women
377             Religious, ethical and secular education
378             Colleges and universities
379             Public schools. State education

370-379: In General Library, all have prefix L, as L370-L379.

L378: Subdivided by the area table, like 378.42 England, 378.7 USA.  College
publications are classified here; a special table is used for the type of
publication.  The formula is:

 (Call number) + (Initial or Cutter for college) over (special subject table)

For Columbia University, L378.7C, the formula is:

 L378.7C + (special subject table) over (Cutter or further special table)

The special subject table used for the second line, but on the first line for
Columbia, follows.

 A      Charter                 H       Annual calendars
 B      Trustees                I       Handbooks. Course lists
 C      Administration          J       Bulletins
 D      Finances                K       Addresses
 E      History                 L       Programs
 F      Biography               M       Faculty (as a body)
 G      General catalogs        N       Examinations. Lectures

For Columbia, some of the above are expanded with a number, and the following
are used in addition, some expanded by another letter or a number.

 O +letter      Bachelor's, Master's, Prize theses
 P +letter      Library
 P +number      Students' publications
 Q              Alumni.         Q +number    Groups relating to alumni
 R      Classes.                                R1      Pictures
 S      Buildings
 T      College [undergraduate].                T5      Barnard College
 U      Faculties of Applied Science [includes Engineering]
 V      Law
 W      Faculty of Political Science.           W2      Business
 X      Faculty of Philosophy.                  X3      Library Service
 X4     Journalism                              X5      Teachers College
 X6     General Studies                         X7      Summer Session
 X8     Institute of Arts and Sciences
 Y      Medicine.       Y3      Public Health.          Y5      Pharmacy
 Z      Pure Science

The letter expansions of the above seem to be from the same table: Thus
Library catalog is L378.7CPG (P=Library, G=Catalog); Doctoral dissertations
in Faculty of Philosophy are L378.7CWO (W=Faculty of Philosophy, O=theses).
The second line of the Columbia numbers is either a Cutter number for the
author, or else made from another table not shown here.

The C classification used in Columbiana is from the same table as L378.7C; in
fact, some of the expansions as shown here are not actually used in General
Library because no appropriate publication is in the collection.

380     Commerce. Communication
381             Domestic trade
382             Foreign trade
383             Post office
384             Telegraph. Cable. Telephone. Pigeons
385             Railroads. Express
386             Canal. Highway
387             Ocean
388             Traffic and right-of-way
389     --

390     Customs. Costumes. Popular life
391             Costume and care of person
392     --
393             Treatment of the dead
394             Public and social customs
395             Etiquet
396             Woman's position and treatment
397             Gypsies. Nomads. Outcasts
398             Folklore. Proverbs
399             Customs of war