Notes on the Overbrook Line film by Kevin Mueller

This front-window ride film documents the state of the Overbrook Line before it was closed in 1993. The winding right of way is that of the old Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad as improved in 1909 by Pittsburgh Railways. The bridges and shelters seen here are all gone now, and the right of way has been widened to two tracks throughout and relocated in some places.

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Below is my commentary on the names of the stops and a few other remarks, keyed to the minutes:seconds of the film. If the first and last moments are from the same date as the rest, Mr. Mueller was riding in PCC car 1745 on route 47 Shannon. The northbound journey begins at the stop now called Willow.

00:00 — The destination sign on car 1745 appears to show "no passengers" on the right hand side.

00:06 — Castle Shannon Boulevard crossing.

00:34 — Castle Shannon stop (Poplar Avenue).

00:50 — Pass under the freight railroad viaduct (1896), Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway.

01:33 — Memorial Hall stop. Footpath.

01:48 — Grove stop. Grove Road crossing. Willow Avenue on the left. The next crossing is access to a parking lot for Linden Grove.

02:45 — Cooley stop. Footpath.

03:08 — Killarney stop. Killarney Drive crossing.

03:29 — Spinning Wheels stop. Footpath to the eponymous roller-skating rink.

03:48 — McNeilly stop. McNeilly Road crosses under.

04:16 — Paris stop. Footpath.

04:52 — Glenbury stop. Glenbury Street crossing.

05:00 — South Busway joins.

05:32 — Overbrook stop. Footpath from the end of Overbrook Boulevard.

05:56 — Inglewood stop. Footpath.

06:22 — Central stop. Footpath.

06:33 — South Busway leaves.

06:38 — South Bank stop. Footpath.

07:00 — Ansonia Place stop, at the end of Ansonia Place.

07:12 — Begin single track.

07:13-07:31 — Oak Viaduct (1928).

07:54 — Denise stop. Hawridge Way crossing (street no longer open).

08:14-08:22 — Double track.

08:24-08:40 — Reflectorville Viaduct (1872, improved 1909).

08:41 — Edgebrook stop. Footpath.

08:58-09:10 — Double track.

09:27 — High fill around here with a drop on both sides.

09:34-10:00 — Double track.

09:46 — Bon Air stop. Footpath.

10:24-10:40 — Double track.

10:45-11:04 — McKinley Park Viaduct (1929).

11:05 — McKinley Park stop. Footpath.

11:26 — Morse Steps stop. Footpath.

11:37 — Begin double track.

12:00 — Boggs stop. Footpath.

12:20 — At about this point the Blue Line now diverges to the left over a new viaduct. Our ride continues on a section abandoned after 1993.

12:53-13:00 — Warrington Avenue bridge (1928).

13:10 — And down to South Hills Junction. The modern station is just visible on the left as the film ends.

13:15 — Car 1745 runs away to the right into non-revenue track, not left toward the tunnel.