The New York Subway Diagram

by Joseph Brennan

The latest version, 5.27,
published September 7, 2017 is a PDF file.


If the City is willing to spend millions subsidizing all-day seven-days ferry routes then I am willing to show them. I changed the ferries from a very dark blue to white, because they were starting to clutter a map that is mainly about railways. I used white many versions ago. These new ones don't form part of the rail network the way the Hudson ferries do. Since I don't try to show bus lines, maybe not these either? To be continued. Update: I changed them from white to pale dark blue.

The last few updates:

Older update notes are here. Dig the old-school HTML coding.

If you want to get an idea of the process involved in making this diagram and the obsessions of an amateur graphic designer, think hard about it, and then if you are sure, check my blog for posts named Making a Subway Map starting here in June 2010.

Among other things I wrote about the issue of how much service detail to show on the overall system map. I don't want to repeat all that here, but I'm still thinking about it. That's why the subway letters and numbers showed up in 5.02, and went away in 5.03. For that matter I had never shown the names of the mainline railroad routes. In 5.06 I have again shown the subway letters and numbers, and added also the names of mainline railroad routes.

A portion of the old Subway Diagram features in Mark Ovenden’s book Transit Maps of the World, published by Penguin, October 30, 2007. If you are here looking at my diagram, you’ll probably want to be looking at his book too. The new 2015 edition no longer includes my map, but it's still pretty good.

I created pages about Abandoned Stations back in 2001. They’re getting pretty crusty by now but you still might like them.