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Brett R. Gordon
Columbia Business School
511 Uris Hall
3022 Broadway
New York, NY 10027



Columbia Business School, New York, NY
   Class of 1967 Associate Professor of Business, 2011 - Present
   Assistant Professor of Business, 2007 - 2011




Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
   Ph.D., Economics, 2007
   M.S., Economics, 2004
   Masters in Information Systems Management, 2002
   B.S. (Honors), Information Systems and Economics, 2002


Pricing, Advertising, Dynamic Oligopoly, Market Structure, New Products, Product Innovation

Conditionally Accepted
Bronnenberg, B., J. P. Dube, C. Mela, P. Albuquerque, T. Erdem, B. R. Gordon, D. Hanssens, G. Hitsch, H. Hong, and B. Sun, (2008) "Measuring Long-Run Marketing Effects and Their Implications for Long-Run Marketing Decisions," Marketing Letters, 2008, 19, 367-382.

Gordon, B. R. (2009), "A Dynamic Model of Consumer Replacement Cycles in the PC Processor Industry," Marketing Science, 28(5), 846-867.

  • Winner, John D. C. Little Best Paper Award, 2009.
  • Finalist, Frank M. Bass Dissertation Award, 2009.

Epple, D., B. R. Gordon, and H. Seig (2010), "A New Approach to Estimating the Production Function for Housing," American Economic Review, 100(3),905-924.

Epple, D., B. R. Gordon, and H. Seig (2010), "Drs. Muth and Mills meet Dr. Tiebout: Integrating Location-Specific Amenities into Multi-Community Equilibrium Models," Journal of Regional Science, 50(1), 381-400.

Kumar, V., B. R. Gordon, and K. Srinivasan (2011), "Competitive Strategy for Open Source Software," Marketing Science, 30(6), 1066-1078.

Gordon, B. R., Thomadsen, R., E. T. Bradlow, J. P. Dube, and R. Staelin (2011), "Revisiting the Workshop on Quantitative Marketing and Structural Econometrics," Marketing Science, 30(6), 945-949. (Invited Paper)

Goettler, R. and B. R. Gordon (2011), "Does AMD spur Intel to innovate more?" Journal of Political Economy, 119(6), 1141-1200.

Gordon, B. R., M. Lovett, R. Shachar, K. Arceneaux, S. Moorthy, M. Peress, A. Rao, S. Sen, D. Soberman, and O. Urminsky (2012), "Marketing and Politics: Models, Behavior, and Policy Implications," Marketing Letters, 23(2), 391-403.

Gordon, B. R. and W. Hartmann (2013), "Advertising Effects in Presidential Elections," Marketing Science, 32(1), 19-35 (lead article).

Gordon, B. R., A. Goldfarb, and Y. Li (2013), "Does price elasticity vary with economic growth? A cross-category analysis," Journal of Marketing Research, 50(1), 4-23 (lead article).

Goettler, R. and B. R. Gordon (2014), "Competition and Product Innovation in Dynamic Oligopoly," Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 12(1), 1-42 (lead article).

Under Review Gordon, B. R. and W. Hartmann (2013), "Advertising Competition in Presidential Elections," working paper.

Gordon, B. R. and B. Sun (2013), "A Dynamic Model of Rational Addiction: Evaluating Cigarette Taxes," working paper (conditionally accepted at Marketing Science).

Li, Y., B. R. Gordon, and O. Netzer (2013), "An Empirical Study of National vs. Local Pricing under Multi-market Competition," working paper.

Working Papers/
Works in Progress


Borkovsky, R. and B. R. Gordon (2012), "Firm Learning and Equilibrium Selection: An Application to Retail Price Competition in the Milk Category," work in progress.

Borkovsky, R., R. Goettler, A. Goldfarb, and B. R. Gordon (2012), "Innovation Equity," work in progress.

Gordon, B. R. and S. Shriver (2011), "Flash Sales," work in progress.

Dube, J.-P., Goettler, R., and Gordon, B. R. (2011), "The Effects of Smoking Bans on Cigarette Purchases," work in progress.

Conferences and Invited Presentations













"Advertising Effects in Presidential Elections"
UNC Economics (2012), Wharton (2012), MIT (2011), Yale (2011), Workshop on the Economics of Advertising and Marketing (Jun 2011), Columbia joint Economics-Marketing Seminar (Mar 2011), NBER Winter IO Meetings (Feb 2011).

"Advertising Competition in Presidential Elections"
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Economics (May 2013), Kellogg (2013), U. Penn Economics (2012), USC Marshall (2012), Leuven (2012), Helsinki (2012), Erasmus (2012), Zurich (2012), Columbia Political Economy (2012), Yale Economics (2010), QME (2010), SICS (2010), Choice Symposium (2010), NYU Stern Economics (2009), Marketing in Israel Conference (2009).

"Does price elasticity vary with economic growth? A cross-category analysis"
Indian School of Business (2010), Tel Aviv University (2010), NYU Stern Marketing (2010).

"Competitive Strategy for Open Source Software"
UTD (2009), Game Theory and Marketing, HEC Montreal (2009), Marketing Research Forum at Cheung Kong GSB (2009).

"Does AMD spur Intel to innovate more?"
Analysis Group (2011), Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (2010), Wharton (2009), Summer Econometric Society Meetings (2009), Kellogg (2009), Finance Summit (2009), U. of Michigan (2009), Duke Economics (2008), Columbia Economics (2008), NBER Summer IO Meetings (2008), Duke Fuqua (2008), SICS (2008), IIOC (2008), Chicago GSB (2008), AEA (2008), QME (2007), Choice Symposium (2007).

"A Dynamic Model of Consumer Replacement Cycles in the PC Processor Industry"
Berkeley (2006), Columbia (2006), Cornell (2006), Harvard (2006), U. of Maryland (2006), Minnesota (2006), Northwestern (2006), Rochester (2006), Rice (2006), Stanford (2006), Toronto (2006), UCLA (2006), UNC (2006), Washington U. (2006), Yale (2006), QME (2006), IIOC (2005).

Honors and




Management Science Distinguished Service Award 2013
MSI Young Scholar 2013
ISMS Marketing Science Doctoral Consortium Presenter 2010, 2011
Management Science Meritorious Service Award 2010
John D. C. Little Best Paper Award 2009
Frank M. Bass Best Dissertation Paper Award (Finalist) 2009
MSI Alden G. Clayton Dissertation Competition Award 2006
Center for Analytical Research in Technology (CART) Dissertation Award 2006
Best Ph.D. Student Teacher Award 2004
Graduate Student Research Grant 2004
William Larimer Mellon Fellowship 2002-2005

Teaching Experience

Columbia University, New York, NY
   Pricing Strategies (MBA, Executive MBA, and Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA programs), 2007-present

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
   Quantitative Economic Analysis (Undergraduate core course), Spring 2004-2005

Professional Activities

Co-Organizer, Columbia-Duke-UCLA Workshop on Quantitative Marketing and Structural Econometrics
Co-Organizer, Annual Strategy Conference at Columbia Business School

Student Advisees


Jonathan Zhang (2010, University of Washington, committee member)
Yang Li (2012, Cheung Kong GSB, committee co-chair)



American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, American Journal of Political Science, Annals of Finance, Industry and Innovation, International Economic Review, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Letters, Marketing Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Review of Industrial Organization, Operations Research, Party Politics.

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