Bruce Robbins, Columbia University
Bruce Robbins, Columbia University
Old Dominion Foundation Professor in the Humanities, Department of English & Comparative Literature
t: 212.854.6463
Office Address:
605 Philosophy Hall
1150 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027
Current Projects
Some of My Best Friends are Zionists
A documentary film on American Jews (including Judith Butler and Tony Kushner) and how they came to change their minds on Israel... (read more)

Perpetual War: Cosmopolitanism from the Viewpoint of Violence (forthcoming 2012)

Essays on figures including Anthony Appiah, Noam Chomsky, Immanuel Wallerstein, and Edward Said framed by a discussion of the concept of cosmopolitanism and how it has developed over the past three decade.

The Beneficiary: Cosmopolitanism from the Viewpoint of Inequality (in preparation)