Our Mission

Led by Dr. Binsheng Zhao, the Laboratory for Quantitative Image Analysis (QIA) strives to advance radiology research and practice by developing quantitative image analysis methods for multiple clinical applications in multiple therapeutic areas. Additionally, our mission is to:

  • enhance intra- and inter-departmental multidisciplinary research collaborations

  • familiarize radiology residents/technicians and engineering graduate/undergraduate students with quantitative radiology

  • provide image-based quantitative analysis services for both clinical and research studies using advanced computer-aided methods.

The CIA is located in the Columbia University Medical Center at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and is part of the Department of Radiology at Columbia University. For additional inquiries, or if you would be interested in collaborating with our laboratory, please feel free to contact us.

Photo taken during a regular Lab meeting with Dr. Larry Schwartz, 2013