Step 0
Getting Oriented

The Center Pieces

Before we get into the actual steps for solving the cube, let’s first get familiar with the center pieces. These pieces will help us keep our place while all of the other pieces are moving around. The center pieces never move. At least in relation to each other. The white center piece will always be opposite the yellow center piece, with the red, blue, green and orange center pieces to the side.

Solving in Layers

To solve the cube, we’re going to solve one layer at a time. For this guide, I’m going to be solving the side with the logo first, which will make the white side our first layer. I will also try to keep the cube positioned so the logo piece is facing up, so that I can better keep my place while moving the other sides.

First Layer
(2 Steps)

Second Layer
(1 Step)

Third Layer
(4 Steps)

"Almost" Solved vs. Actually Solved

For a piece to be in the right place, each side of the piece needs to match with the center piece. Take note of the first image where the piece matches the white side, but not the others. This is close, but not good enough to be solved. It is only fully solved when each color matches the center pieces.

Not solved


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First Layer Sides