Step 1
First Layer Sides






The Cross

To get started on our first layer, we’re going to be solving the white side pieces. At the end of this step, the white pieces will make a cross with the blue, red, orange and green pieces matched up with each of their center pieces.


This step is very simple. We will simply be finding one of our white pieces on the bottom layer and rotate it up onto the top layer. To do this, however, we’ll need to make sure it’s in the correct starting position to being with.



Starting Position

To get this piece into the correct starting position, you will need to find a white piece on the bottom layer with the white facing down. You will then match it up with its center piece.

If you don't have a piece on the bottom layer with the white facing down, you will need to get it there.

Top view

Bottom view

The Moves

When you've finally got that piece into position on the bottom layer, all you need to do is:

  1. Rotate the front face 180 degrees around


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First Layer Corners