Step 4
Thrid Layer Corner Positioning






Corner pieces into position

The good news is that we're done with having to deal with moves that go two different directions.

The bad news, though, is that we're getting into moves that only solve a few pieces at a time, and only partially. We'll need two steps each for the sides and corners that will handle the positioning and rotation seperately.

This move will get the corner pieces into the correct position, but it will take until the next step for them to actually look solved with the correct rotation


This technique will swap positions between to adjacent corner pieces. This is a little tricky because you might need to do this move multiple times to get a single piece into place, expecially if it is on the complete oposite corner.

The first step in this will be in understanding what this move does, and identifying how each piece needs to move. The next will be in doing the 10-step move. Luckily, however, it is mostly roating the same right and bottom layers over and over again, with a few steps inbetween.



Starting Position

We will start with the yellow layer facing up, and the two pieces we want to solve at the front.

We will then rotate the entire cube towards us 180 degrees so that the white is facing up, and the two target pieces are on the bottom layer, away from us.

Top pieces in the front and then...

...flip the cube upside-down towards you, with those pieces in the back

The Moves

With the pieces you want to swap on the top layer facing you, rotate the entire cube towards you 180 degrees so that those pieces are now on the bottom on the side futhest from you. Then:

  1. Right side down
  2. Bottom to left
  3. Right side back up
  4. Front face clockwise
  5. Bottom to the left
  6. Front face counter-clockwise
  7. Right side down
  8. Bottom to the right
  9. Right side back up
  10. Bottom layer rotated 180 degrees











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