Cevat Erisken, Ph.D.

Columbia University in the City of New York, Biomedical Engineering



Published Articles:


8. Erisken C, Zhang X, Moffat KL, Levine WN, Lu H.H. Effect of scaffold fiber diameter on human tendon fibroblast response, Tissue Engineering Part A, under review.

7. Zhang X, Bogdanowicz D, Erisken C, Lee NM, and Lu HH. Biomimetic scaffold design for functional and integrative tendon repair. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 2012, 21, 266-277.

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5. Erisken C, Kalyon D, Wang H. Viscoelastic and biomechanical properties of osteochondral tissue constructs generated from graded polycaprolactone and β-tricalcium phosphate composites. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 2010, 132(9):091013. (PDF)

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1. Göçmez A, Erisken C, Yilmazer U, Pekel F, Özkar S. Mechanical and Burning Properties of Highly Loaded Composite Propellants. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 1998, 67: 1457-1464. (PDF)


In submission/preparation:


4. Erisken C, Zhang X, Villain A, Lu H.H. Modeling protein release from nanofiber-based delivery systems, in preparation.

3. Erisken C, Zhang X, Lu H.H. Controlled release of TGF-β3 from nanofibers and its potential for tendon-bone interface tissue engineering applications, in preparation.

2. Subramony S, Delos D, Weber A, Erisken C, Boushell, MK, Zhou B, Guo XE, Deng X, Rodeo SA, Lu HH. In-vivo evaluation of mechanoactive scaffold for integrative articular cruciate ligament reconstruction, in preparation.

1. Erisken C, Zhan X, Lee N, Lu H.H. The combined effect of scaffold fiber diameter and fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) on human bone marrow stromal cells differentiation, in preparation.