Cevat Erisken, Ph.D.

Columbia University in the City of New York, Biomedical Engineering



My philosophy of teaching is rooted in my beliefs about teaching and learning. Firstly, I strongly believe that teaching is more than transmitting knowledge or teaching contents. It is also about fostering personal and social skills and experience necessary for success in life and for the improvement of humanity. My ultimate goal, therefore, is to produce socially-responsible and caring intellectuals with critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills, effective problem solving strategies, and the capacity for life-long learning. Secondly, I view learning as an active endeavor which involves the learner as an active participant in the learning process, and the teacher as a collaborator in learning, facilitating and promoting the natural desire and curiosity to learn. Thirdly, each learner is unique in their own way. They each have different backgrounds, needs, interests, learning styles, and abilities. Therefore, I believe that my responsibility is to prepare learning experiences that will result in effective learning for each individual.