Full CV (pdf)

Three Principles of Rationalism

The A Priori from The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy ed. F. Jackson and M. Smith (Oxford University Press, 2005)

Interrelations: Concepts, Knowledge, Reference and Structure

Rationale and Maxims in the Study of Concepts

Explaining Perceptual Entitlement

Joint Attention: Its Nature, Reflexivity, and Relation to Common Knowledge from Joint Attention: Communication and Other Minds ed. N. Eilan, C. Hoerl, T. McCormack, J. Roessler (Oxford University Press, 2005)

Moral Rationalism

'Another I': Representing Conscious States, Perception and Others

Justification, Realism and the Past in Mind 114 (2005) 639-70

Mental Action and Self-Awareness (I) from Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Mind ed. J. Cohen and B. McLaughlin (Blackwell, 2007)

Mental Action and Self-Awareness (II) from Mental Action ed. L. O'Brien and M. Soteriou (Oxford University Press, 2009)

Sensational Properties: Theses to Accept and Theses to Reject in a special issue on the Philosophy of Mind, edited by J. Proust, of the Revue Internationale de Philosophie 62 (2008) 7-24.

Conceiving of Conscious States forthcoming in the Proceedings of a Conference on Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Mind (at UC Santa Cruz, June 2007), to be edited by J. Ellis and D. Guevara.

The Perception of Music: Sources of Significance British Journal of Aesthetics 49 (2009) 257-275, and also forthcoming in The Modern Schoolman

Perception, Content and Rationality in a Symposium on Anil Gupta's Empiricism and Experience in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 79 (2009) 475-481

Understanding, Modality, Logical Operators forthcoming in a Symposium on Timothy Williamson's The Philosophy of Philosophy in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Objectivity in Mind 118 (2009) 739-769