CSOR 4231
Fall 2005

Analysis of Algorithms

Professor Cliff Stein

Course Information


Teaching Assistants

  • Name: Justin Sarma
  • Office: CS-TA room, 122a Mudd
  • E-mail: jns2111@columbia.edu
  • Office Hours: W 3:00-5:00 and by appointment
  • Name: Alex Sherman
  • Office: 511 CS Building
  • E-mail: asherman@cs.columbia.edu
  • Office Hours: M 5:00-7:00 and by appointment




    Getting Help

    You can get help in the course by

    Bulletin board

    We have set up a course bulletin board on course works. We encourage you to post questions about homework there. The course staff will monitor the board regularly. Please check the board before asking a question. Also, feel free to answer another student's question, being mindful not to post the solution to a homework problem.



    There will be bi-weekly written assignments, generally available on the web by Wednesday afternoon and due two weeks later, in class. Some of the exercises will be routine, but others will be more challenging. I do not expect you to solve all of the homework problems, but I hope that you will benefit from working on the more difficult ones. A few hints on the homework assignments:


    Undergraduates and Graduate students

    This class has both undergraduate and graduate students in it. While the same set of homework problems will be assigned to both groups, the requirements will be different. Typically, the undergraduate students will be required to do fewer problems, although this may vary from week to week. In addition, the requirements for exams may differ.

    Late Homework

    will generally not be accepted. Two weeks should be sufficient time to complete an assignment. Exceptions will be made only for exceptional extenuating circumstances (e.g. serious illness, family crisis).

    Homework Policy

    The main goal of the homework assignments is education, not evaluation. We must also be mindful of rules regarding academic honesty and plagarism. To facilitate these goals, we will use the following policy.



    Students with Disabilites

    I encourage students with disabilities, including invisible disabilities such as chronic diseases and learning disabilities, to discuss with me any appropriate accommodations that I might make on their behalf.

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