IEOR 6614
Spring 2009

Optimization II

Professor Cliff Stein

Course Information


Teaching Assitant






There will be weekly homework assignments, generally available on the web by Friday, and due the following Thursday class. The homework problems will be a mixture of easier problems and some harder problems. You are not expected to do every problem on the homeworks. However, you should do at least 80% of the homework problems over the course of the semester.

Homework Policy

The main goal of the homework assignments is education, not evaluation. We must also be mindful of rules regarding academic honesty and plagarism. To facilitate these goals, we will use the following policy.

Homework Grading

Homwork problems will be graded on the following scale:



The final grade will be comprised, in roughly equal parts, of the homework scores and exam scores. Some consideration will be given for class participation or additional extra credit work.

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