IEOR 6614, Spring 2011 : Homework 5

Assigned: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Due: Thursday, February 24, 2011

General Instructions

  1. Please review the course information.
  2. You must write down with whom you worked on the assignment. If this changes from problem to problem, then you should write down this information separately with each problem.
  3. Numbered problems are all from the textbook Network Flows .


  1. Problem 6.28. Maximum flows and minimum cuts.
  2. Problem 6.46. Matrix covering.
  3. Problem 6.40. Converting non-integer flows to integer flows.
  4. Problem 6.48. Ford-Fulkerson with irrational capacities
  5. Show how to find a maximum flow in a network via a sequence of at most m augmenting paths. (Hint: you will need to more than start with a zero flow and augment m times. You only need to eventually return at most m paths that, when augmented on in sequence lead to a maximum flow).
  6. Problem 6.38. Submodularity of cuts.

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