IEOR 8100
Spring 2012


Professor Cliff Stein

Course Information




Work for the course


There will be two or three homework assignments through the term. These will contain a mix of some easier problems and some very hard problems. Students are expected to complete at least 75% of the assigned homework problems.

Homework Policy

The goal of the homework assignments is education, not evaluation. We must also be mindful of rules regarding academic honesty and plagiarism. To facilitate these goals, we will use the following policy.


Students are expected to pick one or several papers and give a lecture(s) on that topic. Students are expected to master the work and give a high quality expository lecture, that other students can learn from. In conjunction with the lecture, students will be required to submit a written project.

Class participation

This is a seminar class. Students are expected to actively participate.

Students with Disabilities

I encourage students with disabilities, including invisible disabilities such as chronic diseases and learning disabilities, to discuss with me any appropriate accommodations that I might make on their behalf.

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