Research students of Cliff Stein


Graduate students
Aaron Bernstein
Tulia Humphries
Rodrigo Carasco
Andrei Simion
Undergraduate students


Ph.D students
Fei Li, Ph.D., Columbia, 2007, currently at George Mason University.
Alex Sherman , Ph.D., Columbia, 2011, currently at Google.
David Phillips, Ph.D., Columbia, 2007, currently at U.S. Naval Academy.
David Wagner, Ph.D. Dartmouth, 2006, currently at University of Seoul.
Perry Fizzano, Ph.D., Dartmouth, 1995, currently at Western Washington University.
Chris Armen, Ph.D., Dartmouth, 1995, currently at Trinity College
Stavros Kolliopoulos, Ph.D., Dartmouth, 1998, currently at University of Athens.
Alain LeBlanc
Clint Hepner,
Undergraduate Students
Selemon Getachew, Dartmouth '95, Ph.D. Mathematics, Brown University Mathematics at Brown University
Jeffrey Reminga, Dartmouth, '95, currently in the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at University of Wisconsin
Stephen Kobourov, Dartmouth '95, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 2000. Currently an assistant professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Arizona.
Jonathan Feldman , Dartmouth, '97. Ph.D. MIT, 2003. Currently at Google.
April Rasala Lehman , Dartmouth '99. Ph.D. MIT, 2003.