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I gave a keynote on Energy Markets at the 2023 Informs National Meeting.

I received the Khachiyan Prize in Optimization in 2022.

Former PhD student Gonzalo Muñoz awarded the 2023 Informs Optimization Society Young Researchers prize. And, also, the 2016 Informs Optimization Society Student paper prize.

I was named an INFORMS Fellow in 2013.

I gave a semi-plenary lecture at the 2006 ISMP.

I gave a plenary lecture at the 2005 SIAM Optimization Conference.

I was given a Presidential Young Investigator Award by NSF in 1990.

Interview on Leonard Lopate's Please Explain (aired June 25 2010).

YouTube videos:   ACOPF: Part I, Part II; Polynomial optimization: Cornell, MIP.