GoLYTELY Preparation for Colonoscopy



This procedure allows an examination of the entire colon or large bowel.  It is designed to help explain symptoms, such as bleeding, diarrhea or abdominal pain.  It permits the taking of biopsies and the removal of certain polyps if any are found. 


In order to be successful, the colon must be clean and this requires the use of special preparation. 


lThe day before the procedure:


1.         You may have your regular breakfast and a light lunch.  After lunch, you may have clear fluids only, such as water, jello, broth, apple juice, ginger ale or plain tea. Take no solid foods, milk or milk products.


2.         Take GoLYTELY or NuLYTELY (a prescription will be given to you) at 4:00 PM or early evening as per the package instructions.


3.         While drinking GoLYTELY, you may experience chills and some cramps.  This is caused the large volume of cold fluid you are drinking and is not cause for alarm.


4.         Take all your regular medications.


5.         If you are an insulin dependent diabetic, please call our office for insulin time and dosage. 


6.         If you have a heart valve problem, heart murmur or joint prosthesis, please inform our office.  Antibiotics may be given thirty minutes before the procedure.  Please mention any antibiotic allergy in advance.


7.         If you are taking Coumadin, heparin or iron, please inform the office.  If you are taking aspirin, please stop taking it one week before your procedure.





lThe day of the procedure:


1.         Continue on your clear fluid diet.   These include water, apple juice, jello (not red), broth, plain tea or ginger ale.  Avoid red liquids.  Take no solid foods, milk or milk products.


2.         Take you regular medication except as advised. 


3.         The procedure is performed in the Herbert Irving Pavilion on the 13th  floor in the Endoscopy Suite.  The address is 161 Fort Washington Avenue.  Please bring in all insurance information including referrals and insurance cards with you on the day of your procedure.  On arrival, please check in with the receptionist and she will direct you to the Billing Personnel. 


4.         You will be asked to sign a standard consent form.  All invasive procedures have a slight risk of complication.  By signing the form, you are acknowledging that you are aware of this.


5.         You should arrange to have someone meet you after the procedure.  A small amount of sedation will be given to you and you will not be allowed to drive. 


lDuring the procedure:


1.         A small intravenous will be started to administer medication to relax you.  You will be positioned on your left side and will be drowsy throughout the procedure.  If necessary, additional medication can be given during the procedure. 


2.         You will feel some abdominal gas.  Passage of gas usually relieves any cramps.  The procedure usually lasts one hour.


lAfter the procedure:


1.         You may pass gas through the rectum.  This area is used during the procedure and the feeling is normal.


2.         After finishing the examination, the doctor will discuss the findings with you.  If a biopsy or other specimen is taken, the results will be available in two to three days.


3.         The nurse will check your blood pressure and she will tell you when you may leave.  This is usually forty five to sixty minutes after finishing the examination.


4.         If you have had a biopsy taken, it is normal to see a small amount of blood when you have a bowel movement.  If there are any special findings or instructions, these will be discussed. 


Should you have any questions or problems, please call our office.


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