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“In the field of Virtual Instruction and online education, Donna Murdoch has the ultimate combination of passion, vision, expertise, and the ability to "make it happen". Donna is a true leader in this field. She inspires others to want to contribute, and then through coaching makes sure they are successful in each step on the learning curve. Donna's understanding of how adults learn and her ability to integrate new technology seamlessly into that experience is a powerful force for advancing the virtual educational experience. As an educator in industry and in academia, I am very fortunate to be speaking from first-hand experience. I have learned a lot from Donna.”

Kathy Leeds Senavatis,
Professor, Management Science/Operations Management,
Temple University


Columbia University Teachers College

Doctoral Candidate - Adult Education and Organizational Leadership

Columbia University Teachers College

Masters - Communication, Computers, Technology, and Education
KDP International Graduate Honor Society

Villanova University

B.S. - Media and Technology, Philosophy

Cisco Certified Virtual Classroom Instructor Specialist


E-Learn 2011: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education (AACE), May 2011, We are New York 2.0 for Adult Education: Extending the learning of adults by using social media for city government's adult learning centers.

International Society of Technology and Education Mobile Learning Newsletter, 5(4), May 2010, Appropriate Technology and Mobile Learning - Teaching the World on Their Terms.

Teachers College Educational Technology Conference Proceedings, May 2010, Self-directed Learning Requires Critical Thinking Skills.

Women in Higher Education, March 2010, Self-directed Learning Requires Critical Thinking Component.

Work Experience

2012 - Present

National Advisor, Higher Education Management

2011 - Present

Founder of Philadelphia EdTech Meetup

2011 - 2012

Associate Director of Virtual Instruction
at Temple University

2012 Fox Blue Mouse Award for Excellence in Technology - Innovation in Teaching

Designed full online degree program. Facilitation and training for both online and hybrid courses geared toward non-traditional students with focus on undergraduate degree completion. Planned program design, strategy, academic content, and overall project rollout, with initiatives unique to adult learners. Selected and coordinated contractors for multi-media content, worked with faculty to transition traditional face-to-face courses to new online modality, both asynchronous and synchronous. Ran programs for students, both traditional and non-traditional, to present curriculum choices and tools.
Developed and executed ongoing workshops for instructors and faculty; developed and maintained ongoing learning initiatives. Refined pedagogical/andragogical skills by re-defining learning needs and goals of educators through the lends of adult learning and development.

2009 - 2011

Project Manager, Learning and Development
at ClassLink, Inc

Assessed, defined, and executed the overall needs of the clients/schools including curriculum design, grading, e-learning, and training leading to overall implementation of new educational technology solutions for teachers and administrators. Development of action plans and customized solutions, providing regularly scheduled meetings with administration during execution to discuss progress, get feedback, and further define solutions. Conduct, produce, and define training and learning curriculum either on site or remotely via e- learning. Worked with administrators, coaches, and teachers in Professional Development units, integrating curricula with technology tools, making plans and executing individual programs focused on technology integration.

2006 - 2012


Various consulting roles including...

  • National Advisor for Community College Workforce Solutions through partnerships with online universities and employers
  • Curriculum and content design for online professional development in higher education
  • Consultant for a case based medical education site
  • Professional development for K12 educators, integrating technology and digital learning in to practice
  • eLearning project management and production for a City of Phila. digital inclusion training and advocacy program
  • Educational consultant for the Mayor's Office of Adult Education in NYC developing the Social Media in Education Fellowship
  • Social Media Week Global Editorial Team
  • Interim CTO and business development for a technology focused lead generation company
  • Business development and technology review for a financial services firm
  • Design and implementation of a project for Johnson and Johnson's Medical Knowledge division, outsourcing/globalizing internal knowledge operations

2006 - 2012

Founder at The TechKnows

Worked with individual and small corporate clients learning new software, hardware, or considering technology alternatives.


New technology, online education and its design.
Pedagogical/andragogical implications of learning technology.
Communications, leadership, and global collaboration.
Education, technology, and lifelong learning.

Groups and

2011 - Present

Philadelphia EdTech Meetup

Founder and Organizer

2009 - Present

International Society for Technology
in Education (ISTE)

Peer Review of Educational Technology Poster Sessions/Papers

2007 - Present

Software and Information Industry
Association (SIIA)

Judge for CODiE Awards

KDP International Honor Society
in Graduate Education

AACE Association
for the Advancement of Computers in Education

Technology Integration in Education

2010 - Present

National Society
for Women in Information Technology

Judge for NCWIT Aspirations Awards