Hi. This one of David Novick's web Pages. I am CPA and a Senior Grants Accountant with Teachers College, Columbia University. I earned a Masters Degree in Accounting from Florida International University, a Master of Arts and Master in Education Degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. I am currently studying in the Doctorate Program at Teachers College in order to earn a Doctorate degree in Educational Technology. I hope to make Accounting Education better for everyone.

My prefered Email address is dn36@columbia.edu, which I read almost daily.

My Work Address is: My Home Address is:

   David Novick                   David Novick
  Teachers College
  Columbia University            2665 Hubbard Street
  525 West 120th Street, Box21   Brooklyn, New York 11235
  New York, New York 10027       Phone 1(718) 368-3416
  Phone 1 (212) 678-4109         

My main homepage which I continuously update and that has been underconstruction for a few years, contains things of fun, importance and interest to me. It was last updated February 22, 2002. My main hobby is working and playing with computers and taking care of my children and family. Here is a picture of me during the 2001 Winter break at the upper right hand corner of this page. I am also very interested in my family's genealogy.

David Novick
Email: dn36@columbia.edu
Grants and Contracts,
Teachers College, Columbia University

Last updated February 22, 2002