I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University advised by David Blei. My interests broadly lie in causal inference and probabilistic models for the social sciences and text data. I am interested in answering questions like: how do senators affect the wording of bills; does social influence affect the spreading of fake news articles; how can algorithmic decisions affecting protected groups be made fair and equitable?

I received my PhD in Computer Science from University of California Santa Cruz, where I was advised by Lise Getoor.

For full details, refer to my CV and research statement.

Current Research Interests: causality especially from text data and in networks, relational learning, probabilistic models for social sciences

My thesis research: My thesis work aims to bridge machine learning with complex inferences about human biology and behavior. I develop probabilistic models that scalably combine multiple, noisy forms of data including text, flexibly incorporate domain knowledge from experts while learning new causal and statistical relationships, and capture the interdependencies in a domain.

You can see a list of publications on my publications page. You can find me on LinkedIn.