Dr. Ciaccio received his MS and PhD degrees in bioengineering from Rutgers University in 1989 and 1993. Beginning in 1990, he worked in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Wit in the Department of Pharmacology, Columbia University, building a fast multichannel data acquisition system. After receiving his PhD he joined the faculty at Columbia, first in Pharmacology in 1994, and then transferring to Medicine in 2010.

Edward J. Ciaccio, Ph.D.

This is the webpage of Dr. Edward J. Ciaccio

 Senior research scientist at Columbia University, Department of Medicine

 Editor, Computers in Biology and Medicine, published by Elsevier.

Recent work highlights:

 Developed wavefront curvature model of functional conduction block and electrogram fractionation in postinfarction heart.

 Developed a novel spectral estimator (NSE) and data driven transform.

 Implemented the NSE as a real-time algorithm in hardware and software

 Designed quantitative methods to differentiate video capsule endoscopy images in celiac disease patients versus controls.