In Memory of 3D Doritos

"omg i [frolicking] love doritos 3d i wish that i had an unlimited supply of doritos 3d so i i could be happy forever you know [fruit snack] bugles i hate lyfe u kno but doritos 3d are so cool u kno"
-Alec Litavidis, May 20 at 1:05am near Athens, GA

"im pregnant and i NEED Doritos 3D..Where can i get them plz????"
-Lisa-May Tonner, April 6 at 8:23am

-Charles Robinson, January 11 at 11:54pm

"Why did Doritos discontinue Doritos 3D? Those are the only Doritos I eat b/c the regular Doritos cut the roof of my mouth."
-Josh Boothe, January 8 at 2:10pm near Gulfport, MS

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A very suspicious eBay listing for Israeli Doritos 3D

"A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item."

Doritos 3D from My Mexican Pantry

For when you want to order a single-serving bag of chips from the Internet

An original Doritos 3D television ad

The chips didn't actually bounce like that, but if you carefully removed a corner they could be used as ladybug houses. I don't know why Frito Lay didn't advertise that.

How to Enjoy a Dorito

1. Examine its color and clarity against a white background.
2. Swirl the bag to release the chips' aroma.
3. Take a bite, or even better, break off a tiny piece and rub it all over your tongue.
4. Spit it out and observe the nuanced aftertaste.
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