Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 for DOS

Year 2000 Issues
Date Assumptions
Document Summary Feature

Addressing potential year 2000 issues is a high priority at Corel. We have established a comprehensive Product Evaluation Program to ensure that year 2000 issues are examined thoroughly, using “real world” scenarios to determine if our products will continue to operate as designed.

Our evaluation indicates that Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0 for DOS is “compliant with minor issues.”
These issues, however, should not affect the overall performance of the product.

We identified two issues with respect to Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0 for DOS and the year 2000 that you should be aware of. The first relates to date assumptions. Additionally, creation and revision dates in the Document Summary feature can only be displayed with two-digit values for the year. Follow the links above for a detailed explanation of these issues.

Thank you for your interest in Corel’s year 2000 initiatives.

Date-Related Assumptions

Dates displayed in Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0 for DOS are dependent on the operating system.

The MS-DOS operating system does not accept the entry of two-digit year values from 00–79, but it does accept two-digit year values that fall between 1980 and 1999. To specify a year in the twenty-first century, you must enter a four-digit year value (2000–2099) into the operating system.

To change the operating system date, at the DOS prompt (C:\>), type: date and press ENTER.

Enter a date in the format specified (MM-DD-YYYY). To ensure the dates you enter are unambiguous, we recommend using four digits when you enter the year. You will notice, however, that the year displays with two digits. Our testing has determined that the dates are stored unambiguously as four-digit years with Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0 for DOS features that assign a date stamp (for example, the Revision Date feature).

Our evaluation has also identified other date-related information that may be of interest to advanced users.

Document Summary Feature

The Document Summary Feature enables you to save information about a document that does not display or print with the document. You can use this information later to identify your document.

When you use the Document Summary Feature, save your changes in the following manner:
a. hold down the Shift key, and press the function key F8.
b. select: 3 Document option.
c. select: 5 Summary option, from the Document menu.
d. select: 1 to edit the Creation and/or Revision Date.

Creation Date and Revision Date Display Assumptions

Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0 for DOS can only display two-digit entries in the Document Summary, Creation Date and Revision Date features. When you enter a two-digit value for one year, it makes the following assumptions:

00–79 = 2000–2079
80–99 = 1980–1999

Our evaluation also identified another date-related topic that may be of interest to advanced users.

Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0 for DOS

Advanced Users

Table Creation

In Corel® WordPerfect® 6.0 for DOS, when you create a table (Layout, Tables, Creation) and select 9 for the Date option, you can choose from several Date Type Formats. If you choose a format that uses two digits to display the year, we recommend that you enter the year using four digits, to ensure that the date is unambiguous.

If you do use two digit year dates, MS-DOS makes an assumption that depends on what year you enter: