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Each year, scientists at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory host Open House, a day when more than three thousand visitors tour labs and participate in scientific demonstrations. Visitors can also go on guided geology or ecology tours around campus, check out a poster session on recent work, or go to dynamic presentations, such as an earthquake simulation.
Sun-Earth Day provides the opportunity for citizens to explore the relationship between Earth and the Sun, in order to learn about the delicate balance that makes Earth habitable. NYC-area scientists volunteer to engage citizens in hands-on activities and demonstrations.
Students in NY public schools are able to spend a summer working at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory with scientists on active research questions. Graduate students can serve as direct project supervisors, both teaching the students about good research techniques and preparing them for future academic success.
Columbia's Students of Color Alliance creates community, provides resources to its students, and advocates for the needs of diverse students in Columbia's graduate student population. In 2016, I became the Communications Director for SoCA; in my role, I send weekly communications , maintain the organizations website and social media platforms, as well as manage communications between SoCA and the broader university community (i.e. administrators and other groups).
Princeton Diversity Initiative (co-founder)
A group of students who conducted focus groups, detailed polls, and individual interviews to determine the experience of underrepresented students in graduate school at Princeton University. Information was compiled into a report for the administration and included suggestions to better support (and thereby retain) diverse students.
Camp Kesem at MIT is an organization that supports children whose parents have or have had cancer and those whose parents have passed away. CK provides a free week of camp and yearlong support for each camper, in order to help them through a difficult time, while also encouraging them to express who they are. I volunteered for four years with CK@MIT as a counselor, Nature Coordinator, and Unit Leader. Currently, I am involved with the NYC CK alumni organization.

Personal Involvement

*denotes past activity


Academic Related
  • Students of Color Alliance - (Communications Director)
  • Latino Graduate Student Association* - (Social Chair)
  • Princeton Diversity Initiative*
  • Princeton Graduate Housing Committee*
  • Presidential Advisory Committee for Rafael Reif (MIT President)*
  • MIT MedLinks - (President, Training Coordinator, Treasurer)*