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Ariana is working with me during summer 2017 to determine the impact of sunlight on the mortality of fecal indicator bacteria in the Hudson River. This work will also determine the sunlight induced mortality parameter in the larger mathematical model of FIB dynamics.

My cohort-mate, Nicholas Bock, and I are mentoring two high school students during the summer of 2017. The students will participate in sampling on the Hudson River, culturing techniques, and experiments on the connection between turbidity and the concentration of fecal indicating bacteria.


Professor Juhl studies "how aquatic microorganisms and their predators interact with each other and their physical/chemical environment," while also maintaining a focus on research that has practical implications to benefit society and the environment. Professor Juhl is my primary advisor for my PhD research.

Professor Levin is a theoretical ecologist who specializes in modelling the conflicting tendencies in the biological world of individual and collective behavior. His work applies ecological theory to a wide variety of research fields, from population models to the stability of financial markets. Professor Levin was my thesis advisor for my Master's in Ecology and currently advises me on all my theoretical research for my PhD.

Professor Subramaniam uses "remote sensing, ocean optics, phytoplankton physiology, biological and physical oceanography, and geographical information systems to better understand how the marine ecosystem works and can be managed." Professor Subramaniam's expertise in remote sensing is invaluable to my current work on using satellite data to predict urban water quality by developing an algorithm with data from the Hudson River.

Professor Summons is a geobiologist who studies the lipid chemistry in geologically significant microbes, the organic and isotopic indicators of major events (climate change, biotic evolution, and mass extinctions). My undergraduate and Master's ('14) research with Professor Summons was to create comprehensive profiles of lipid biomarkers for the stromatolites and microbial mats in Hamelin Pool, Australia.