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Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor
in Pre-Columbian Art History
and Archaeology

Department of Art History
and Archaeology
814 Schermerhorn Hall

Columbia University
in the City of New York

(212) 854-5681

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by Esther Pasztory

Pub. Date: December 2010
Published online only
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Remove Trouble from Your Heart, A Memoir
by Esther Pasztory

Format: Hardcover, 120pp
Pub. Date: November 2008
ISBN-13: 9780880336277
Publisher: East European Monographs, Columbia University Press

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Thinking with Things: Toward a New Vision of Art
by Esther Pasztory

Format: Paperback, 252pp
Pub. Date: August 2005
ISBN: 029270691X
ISBN-13: 9780292706910
Publisher: University of Texas Press

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Daughter of the Pyramids
by Esther Pasztory

Format: Paperback, 224pp
Pub. Date: December 2003
ISBN: 1413430333
ISBN-13: 9781413430332
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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Pre-Columbian Art
by Esther Pasztory

Format: Softcover
Pub. Date: September 1998
ISBN: 0297824074
ISBN-13: 9780297824077
Publisher: Orion Publishing Group, Limited

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Teotihuacan: An Experiment in Living
by Esther Pasztory

Format: Hardcover, 304pp
Pub. Date: April 1997
ISBN: 080612847X
ISBN-13: 9780806128474
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

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Teotihuacan: Art from the City of the Gods
by Kathleen Berrin (Editor), Esther Pasztory (Editor)

Format: Paperback, 288pp
1st pbk. ed
Pub. Date: April 1994
ISBN: 0500277672
ISBN-13: 9780500277676
Publisher: Thames & Hudson

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