Though naught was mine, I had enough in youth,
A joy in illusion, a longing for the Truth.
Give back the sweep of surging impulse, re-create
That happiness so steeped in pain,
The power of love, the strength of hate--
O give me back my youth again!
     p.7 Prologue in the Theatre

Joy has its sorrows as sorrows has its joys. p.107 (Mephistopheles)

There is no goal prescribed, however high.
Nibble at everything as you may please,
Snatch at opportunity as you fly;
Whatever gives you joy, I hope agrees;
Only don't be bashful, just fall to.

Understand, once and for all—pleasure is not the question!
To poignant joy and tumult I long to yield,
To exhilarating rage, enamored hate.
Nor shall my heart, from thirst of knowledge healed
Henceforth to any sorrow bar the gate.
Deep in my self I will enjoy and find
The fate of which is the lot of humankind;
Within my soul I'll grasp the worst and the best
Heaping their griefs, their joys upon my breast;
This to their selves my own selves I'll extend,
To be destroyed as they are, in the end.
     p.60 Act 4 The Study

"...who are you, then?"
"I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good."