Army 1963-66 - Photo #31 - Other 3rd ACR pictures that I didn't take

Photo: According to the caption, this is PFC Jim Riebe of L Troop (tankers) at Kapaun Barracks in 1963, the same time I was there but I don't remember him. The pink building is the mess hall. Jim's fatigues are exactly like mine (but a better tailored*): block hat (soon to be phased out), boots with reinforced toe (ditto), 7th Army patch on the left shoulder, and the special 3rd Armored Cavalry patch on the front left pocket. The hat also has a 3rd ACR pin. These extra regimental decorations were pretty unusual. Aside from the boots shown and the soft-toe ones that replaced them, 3rd ACR members were also allowed to wear "tankers' boots" with a single strap that wrapped around the shaft several time and buckles at the top, for both speed and safety.
Each Troop (i.e. Company) had its own resident tailor, usually a German lady (so Näherin, I guess) whose job was to sew on patches and stripes and do repairs; the Army paid her for that, so for us it was a free service. But soldiers could request special jobs for pay, like tailoring their uniforms, which are normally much baggier than what you see here. Of course nowadays fatigues are comouflage in shades of tan, nobody says "Army green" any more (or OD = Olive Drab).