Army 1963-66 - Photo #37 - Other 3rd ACR pictures that I didn't take

Photo: The Kapaun Barracks Snack Bar. An essential feature of any Army base, this is where you could buy hamburgers, french fries, and other kinds of food that were not served in the mess hall. Often we went here for breakfast, not so much because the mess hall food wasn't good (it usually was, especially the breakfasts), but because German girls worked there. Plus the coffee was better and there was a juke box. There was also a main Kaiserslautern Snack Bar some distance away that was very huge, where Thursday night was Steak Night, a very nice touch. They turned off the flourescent lights, put tablecloths and candles on the tables, printed menus, and hired high school kids as waiters. Oh, and speaking of mess halls, that reminds me of something... In the Army all over the world, they like to serve a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, it's quite a big deal involving truckloads of turkeys and all the rest. But at Kapaun Barracks in 1963 or 64, all of the turkeys disappeared at the last minute! So they served C-Rations.