Army 1963-66 - Photo #41 - Other 3rd ACR pictures that I didn't take

Photo:, 1963, probably taken at the tank range in Grafenwöhr, where the unit went every winter for training and qualification tests. The main business of the "3rd of the 3rd" was tanks; in those days, the M60; quite new in 1963-64. Unlike cars and trucks, the M60 as well as other tracked vehicles such as armored personnel carriers, are steered by a pair of sticks, one for each track, rather than a steering wheel. With the sticks in upright position, the tracks don't move. Push them forward and the tank goes forward; the farther forward you push them, the faster it goes. Pull them backward and it backs up. Push the left one farther forward than the right one, and the tank turns right. Push one stick and pull the other one, and the tanks spins around in place. There are also some pedals but you can do just about everything with only the sticks. Anybody can learn in about 5 minutes. But since the tank is so huge, it takes a lot of practice not to bump into things, especially on the narrow streets of German country villages.