Bainbridge Ave Bronx - Photo #13 - 2-3 May 2020

Eddie's Delicatessen (open) at 3165 Bainbridge Avenue between 206th and 207th Streets, the oldest business in the neighborhood, opened in 1948 or 49 and still very much like an old-time NYC deli. Inside it still looks like 1940s or 50s; there's a single booth on the left as you walk in and it has that postwar formica look. Also the fact that it has "kosher" in its name hearkens back to a time when this part of the Bronx had a significant Jewish population, now almost completely vanished (it is said that Yiddish was the primary language in "Bainbridgivke" in the 1940s and 50s... see References below). In any case Eddie's still has some traditional NYC deli fare like fresh bagels every morning, knishes, latkes, etc, plus hot food like home-made soup, beef stew, and chili. The white signs say "Please wear a mask" and "5 people allowed at the same time, please wait." Here's how it looked a few years ago:

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