Bainbridge Ave Bronx - Photo #1 - Update 16 September 2020

Foodtown on the corner of 204th and 205th streets (strange but true). This store was founded in 1956 across the street and about a block north of here and served the neighborhood until it burned down in 2010 and reopened at the current spot March 5, 2011. I shop here, I like the store and especially the people who work in it. As far as I know, it stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The first time I went there during the virus, I was impressed by the safety precautions in place. I found out only recently that this store is nationally recognized as a model for making supermarkets safe; see Norwood News Article (September 10, 2020): it gave out masks to employees and customers, is supplied its workers with vitamins, and was the first company to install plexiglass barriers at the checkout counters. None of the Foodtown workers has caught the virus. (Photo by me, taken a few years ago.)