Bainbridge Ave Bronx - Photo #25 - 2-3 May 2020

Mosholu movie theater
Moshulu Theater about 1940
Mosholu movie theater ad
Mosholu 1950
Bronx theaters 1972
Bainbridge 1972
Nothing to do with COVID-19 but... This is a Google Street View photo from 2019 of the building at 286 East 204th Street; I'm not sure if the place was open or closed in May 2020. Anyway this small storefront has an interesting story; it started out as the Mosholu movie theater in 1926 (just before talkies) with a seating capacity of about 1100 plus a rooftop "garden theatre" that sat about 1000 more. Some time before 1972 it became the Bainbridge Theater. It closed in the early 1980s and then reopened about 1990 as the Bronx Dance Theatre (as can be seen on the 1991 Bainbridge/204th Street poster) and then closed about 2000. Afterwards the space was turned into a furniture store and eventually the dollar store you see above. It's the same building though, quite narrow but very long inside.