Bainbridge Ave Bronx - Photo #56 - The Virus

Photo:  New York Times

Health workers at Montefiore calling attention to the lack of adquate personal protective equipment. At Montefiore and every other hospital in the USA, safety equipment bas been in short supply. For example masks and gowns designed to be used once and discarded had to be worn for days or weeks on end which resulted in needless infections of our newly discovered heroes — doctors and nurses — and in some cases also their families at home. As one Montefiore nurse said, "We have a lot of angry nurses. Everybody is frustrated. Of course, people come off at the end of the shift, they're crying because they don't know what they're taking home potentially to their families. They don't know what they're coming into the next day. We're seeing a massive amount of sick patients, a massive amount of patients that are just dying because of this illness. And like I said, at the end of the day, we're not protected." For more about the conditions at Montefiore, read this (note: there's nothing unique about Montefiore, all hospitals are in the same boat due to our chaotic health care system and dysfunctional government at every level).