How this gallery works

On the main page, click on the first image to enter the gallery (or click on any other image to enter the gallery at a later point). Then you come to a "sub-page" that has a larger version of the image you clicked on. Above it are triangular navigation buttons:
Go to the next image.
Go back to the previous image.
Return (go up) to the main gallery page.

To see all the photos in the gallery, keep clicking on the first triangle.

When you are in a sub-page, the image always adjusts to fit your screen, no matter if you are using a cell phone, a tablet, or a big PC monitor. If you want to magnify it, click on the button next to the triangles, then use your browser's Back button to return to the sub-page. When you click the Enlarge button, the way the full-size image is displayed depends on your browser. If your browser scales the big image to fit your screen, you should be able to click the image to see it full size (i.e. bigger than your screen, in which case you have scroll around to see different parts of it).

Most sub-pages have a caption below the image. If the image is taller than your screen, scroll down to see the caption. Or on a large screen, you can also make your browser window narrow; this reduces the image size, bringing the caption into view.